The Manufacturing Stack
Delivered On-Demand

The Optimus Solution

Fully Integrated Manufacturing

Our holistic approach to manufacturing integrates the factory floor into a deliverable, containerized system. By combining advanced manufacturing methods with frontier technologies, we can supply a fully operational factory with endless capabilities.

  • Additive
  • Multi-material
    • Metals
    • Polymers
    • Composites
  • Cobots
  • Machining
  • Post-Processing
  • Quality Assurance
  • Utilities
Information Technology

Implementing ‘Smart’ technologies allows for the connectivity and optimization of your manufacturing processes. We utilize the latest cyber technology to automate and optimize manufacturing processes and systems.

  • Digital Thread
  • Cloud Enabled
  • Edge Integrated
  • AI/ML - Cognitive
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Digital Warehouse

Engineered with modularity in mind, our systems can be delivered, deployed, and operated in an expansive range of environments and configurations. Whether connected together or standing alone, our solution can provide production where you need it.

  • Expeditionary
  • Multi-Modal
  • Agile Deployment

Our customized full-spectrum solutions were developed and architected with operations in offensive & defensive domains.

  • OPSEC - Physical Security
  • COMSEC - Secure Communications
  • Zero-Trust Architecture - Cyber secure